George 3

Lyndberry English Springer Spaniels

Amber 2

January - December 2012

Tuesday 11 December 2012

No show news at present, but we would like to take this opportunity to


Looking forward to meeting up with everyone again in 2013 when we hope we will be back with Josh.

Josh at play in the garden 2

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Josh and also to your brother Alfie and your sisters Darcey, Henri, Poppy and Ruby. Hope you all have a lovely day with plenty of treats.

Sunday 9 August 2012

A lovely hot, sunny day at Richmond Championship show held at Loseley Park, a really nice venue. Amber was placed 5th in a nice Veteran Bitch class, the judge was Beverley Nicholson (Kingsheath). An enjoyable day meeting up with friends.

Rosie 4

Thursday 6 August 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Rosie, have a great day and enjoy your extra treats. Happy Birthday also to Rosie's brothers and sisters Sophie, Daisy, Max and Bobby hope you all have a lovely day.

George 1

Monday 13 August 2012

A very sad day for us when we had to say our last goodbyes to our beloved George. Last Thursday he suffered what appeared to be a stroke, however, our vet said he had suffered a vestibular syndrome which affects the middle ear and the symptoms are very similar. Although he made a slight improvement over the weekend it was felt that due to his various ongoing health problems he would no longer have any quality of life, which had been reasonably good up until now, and the decision was made to put him to sleep and not to let him suffer any longer.

He was such a lovely, good natured dog and he will be missed greatly, especially by Amber who had been his soul mate ever since we collected her as a puppy.

Saturday 14 July 2012

Today I took Amber to the Southern English Springer Spaniel Open show at New Haw. Unfortunately due to the inevitable wet weather the show had to be held inside but it didn't spoil the enjoyment of the day. Amber was placed 2nd in Veteran bitch, the judge was Jack Elliott, Jonabar. It was good to catch up with friends and also congratulations to the committee who, as usual, put on a great buffet lunch.

Monday 18 June 2012

We are going to have a few quiet months from the show scene with Josh as at the end of May he was ill. He kept being sick and the vet thought he had swallowed a foreign body which meant he ended up spending 3 days in a veterinary hospital where he was put on a drip and also had ultra sound all of which means he has had to be clipped - so we now have to wait for his coat to regrow before we can start entering shows again. Very disappointing as we will miss all the summer shows with him but obviously his health comes first and needless to say nothing was found and he is now back to his normal healthy bouncy self.

Looking forward to meeting up with friends whilst attending some of the shows over the next few months with Amber

Monday 7 May 2012

Today was South of England Agricultural Show at Ardingly, although it wasn't raining when we arrived the car park was really muddy after all the wet weather we have had recently and by the time it was time to leave surprise, surprise it was raining. Regardless of the weather the show was enjoyable with plenty to see. Josh was 2nd in his Open class, the judge was Mrs Sheena Lill.

Sunday 29 April 2012

A miserable journey to WELKS championship show at Malvern on a cold, wet and very windy day, doesn't seem possible we're almost into May. Judging had to be held inside and as we were second in the ring we were all feeing cold and fed up - dogs included - by the time the ESS judging started. Josh was shortlisted in a large Post Graduate class but didn't progress any further, the judge was Caroline Robinson.

Sunday 8 April 2012

An enjoyable day at the English Springer Spaniel Club Championship show, the weather was pretty miserable after the nice weather we've had recently which meant judging had to be held inside. I took Josh and Amber, Josh was 4th in his Graduate class and Amber was placed 3rd in a nice Veteran Bitch class, the judge was Lesley Bloomfield.

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Time to catch up again and several shows have come and gone including Crufts.

Sunday 18 March

South Western English Springer Spaniel club show, one of our favourite shows everyone is so friendly and there is always lovely food on offer. Josh was 1st in Graduate and 3rd in Special Beginners, Amber was 4th in Veteran, a very enjoyable day.

Thursday 15 March 2012

Horsham dog show at Ardingly today. Josh was 3rd in the ESS Post Graduate class, the judge was Lesley McCourt. He was placed 5th in a large AV Post Graduate class.

Friday 9 March 2012

An early start today heading for the NEC at Birmingham for Crufts. An enjoyable day meeting up with friends and talking to people interested in the dogs. Josh was in a large Post Graduate class of 20 dogs and was not lucky enough to be placed, Amber was also in a large Veteran bitch class of 18 but was also unplaced. The judge was Kay Woodward.

Amber 7

Monday 5 March 2012

Today is Amber's 9th birthday, Happy Birthday enjoy your day and some extra treats.