Lyndberry English Springer Spaniels

Amber 2 George 3


Roandew Rockin Robin at Lyndberry

Sh Ch Roandew Max-A-Million x Sh Ch Roandew Katyannbee


30 November 1996 - 19 December 2009

Harry 1

Just after his 13th birthday Harry left us to go to 'Doggy Heaven'.  Always a character he is sadly missed by all the family including George, Amber and Rosie.


Harry Harry - 7 years Harry - 12 years


Roandew Utter Chaos at Lyndberry


Roandew Toby Brown with Parkmist x Roandew Quizzical


19 February 1999 - 13 August 2012

George 1

Dearly Departed

A very sad day for us when we had to say our last goodbyes to our beloved George a few days short of thirteen and half years.  


He was such a lovely, good natured dog and will be greatly missed, especially by Amber who had been his soul mate ever since we collected her as a puppy.


George 3 George 2 George 4


Hopmaster Harry



Frenchgate Marcus x Markwicks Princess


17 February 1985 - 22 October 1996

Coco age 2 July 1987 (11) _

Coco was our first dog who was dearly loved by all the family and sadly missed when he died at age 11 years and 8 months.

Coco 1985 8 weeks (1) Coco 1986 Coco age 2 1987 (12)